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    M U S I C A   F E S T I V A

    (Musicians for Weddings & Functions Countrywide)

    We have it ALL:


    * Classical Music (Ceremony)

    *  Soothing romantic background music during reception

    *  Paris-like café/cocktail music during photo-session/drinks

    *  Up-tempo dance music (live bands or DJ's)

    (Clavinova, Digital Piano, Organ, Accordion)
    Other experienced musicians

    String Trios, String Quartets, Violin, Cello

    Organ, Keybaord, Clavinova, Piano

    Trumpets, Bagpipes, Harp

    Accordion, Saxophone

    Dance Bands, Mobile Discos (DJ's)

    Ensembles, Groups, Own-choice 


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    Our incredible Clavinova CVP 98 played by Eddie Davey faithfully simulates

    numerous acoustic instruments by means of sampling sound technology:

    Organ, piano, harpsichord, strings, harp, classical guitar, saxophone, xilophone,
    church bells, etc.

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    Live Music and Wedding Musicians is important for your wedding to be an unforgettable event.
    Every phase of your wedding day requires specific types of music:

    1. Music for Wedding Ceremony

    Wherever it takes place (church, chapel, garden, mountain, etc.), the ceremony remains a religious event in the presence of and to the honor of God Almighty. It must be a stylish event that needs to be planned with simplicity and impeccable taste.
    Nothing beats classical music performed by live musicians during the ceremony.  Avoid sentimental, romantic songs that rather belongs to the reception where they are more appropriate. The ceremony must always remain a worship service and both the music and the décorations must in good taste.
    Music Festiva Wedding Music and Wedding Musicians provides appropriate Live Music and Live Musicians (instrumental and vocal music) during Wedding Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions, including instruments like Organs, Clavinova (Digital Piano), Keyboards, Trumpets, String Trios, String Quartets, Harps, Saxophones, WEdding Dance Bands, Wedding DJs, or a combination (ensemble) of instruments. Vocal Wedding Songs and music may also be added to this with great effect.

    String Ensemble /Stryk Ensemble

    Eddie Davey & Other Musicians
    -    Festive music prelude (30 min)
    -    Processional music: Wedding March or other music
    -  Accompaniment of hymns to be sung by guests (if applicable)
    -    During the vows/Candle ceremony/Rings: Soft background music
    -    Signing of Register (Appropriate music)
    -    Recessional music (Guests):  Festive Music
    -    Recessional music (Bridal Couple): Appropriate music

    2.  Music during Wedding Photosession/Drinks after ceremony

    Guests do not mind waiting for the bridal couple for an hour or even longer during the photo session providing that they are entertained with interesting, nostalgic romantic entertaining music. Musica Festiva Wedding Musicians provide Music Instruments such as Piano Accordions (walking among the guests), Violins, String Trios, String Duos, String Quartets, Saxophones, Bagpipes, etc. can create the right atmosphere for festive celebrations during the Wedding Reception which is to follow.

    (Dinner & Dance)

    Like the ceremony, also the wedding reception must remain a classy, stylish event and should never be allowed to develop into a mere noisy party.
    Also the music during the Wedding Receptions must be of good quality and has to fit the occasion. A wedding reception is not a mere year-end function or "sokkiejol".

    Wedding Dinner Supper Music

    Eddie Davey
    (Clavinova/Digital Piano)
    Classical to soothing, Romantic Background Music

    The music during the Wedding Reception (dinner or buffet) should create a natural transition from the formal character of the ceremony to the informal dance later in the the evening. The music should gradually develop from live and light classical music to soothing, romantic background music while the guests dine and wine in a relaxed manner. A qaulity Clavinova or Keyboard player is always a good choice due to the great variety these instruments offer, simulating faithfully by means of sampling sound technology Strings, Classical Guitars, Harps, Pianos, Brass, Saxophones, Accordions, Xilophones, Marimbas, and also because it can be amplified sufficiently in order to rise above the sound of jubilating guests. Also String Trios, String Quartets and Harps may create an intimate atmosphere, but care should be taken that they are not too timid (soft) in sound volume.

    Dance Music

    Live Music played by Live Musicians by professional, experienced Live Wedding Dance Bands should always receive prime consideration. Nothing else can create a more enjoyable atmosphere during the dance than quality, experienced Live Wedding Bands. One important advantage of Live Music and Live Musicians is that people who do not dance tend to stay on until the end of the evening enjoying the interaction between band members and the audience as well as visual presence of the musicians and their instruments. The Wedding Bands band must consist of instrumentalists and at least one vocalist and must be able to provide music ranging from the 60's to the present day.  Quality sound equipment is non-negotiable.

    Live Music and Live Musicians for Weddings and other Occasions:

    Nothing creates a better atmosphere than a quality live wedding band. A good band encourages a vibrant interaction between guests and band members. Also, guests who can not dance tend to stay until the end of the evening watching the band perform. If a DJ is resort to, great care should be taken to select the right person who has quality sound systems. Also the dance music must never be allowed to overpower and intimidate the wedding guest.
    Our Music complements your Professional Profile

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    Soli DEO gloria

    (To GOD alone all Glory

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